Single Payment

A one-off transaction is a transaction that uses a debit/credit card for a single payment. There are two ways to process a debit/credit card  in a one-off transaction:

  • Use the sub-object « Card[*] »: it is necessary to fill in all the information of the card,


  • Use the field « cardTokenId »:  we use a unique token to identify the card

Note: in this case, "Card" can only be used once.

« RECURRING » Payment

To process recurring transactions, first create a "Customer" and one or several "Cards" associated to this "Customer":

  • Create a « Customer » object:  it acts like an e-wallet including one or several cards (via token or not)


  • Use the « customerId » field: this links the payment to a client

Note: in this case, "Cards" can be used several times.